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10 Amazing Flickr Images about Scientific Recruitment

Inspiring and Interesting Science Pictures!

The idea of looking for a new job can be daunting to consider, but when you stop to think about the potential rewards, it can be a powerful motivator to take that first step.

With the help of a specialist scientific recruitment agency such as Kinetica, you can create the career of your dreams.

If you need a little more convincing to make the move you really want, take a look through some of these amazing Flickr images about scientific recruitment. Science is a fascinating subject, so why not carve out a career that you are passionate about?

1) Starting young

Starting Science Young

The government are concerned that not enough youngsters are taking up science as a subject but presented at an early age, there's a lot to get children hooked. The idea of showing the inside workings of the brain may sound gruesome but to a curious mind, it's mesmerising...

2) All lit up

All lit up

We all know the human body is a marvellous creation but to see one of the tiniest proteins mapped out in large neon lights brings home the complexities that science is striving to understand.

3) Science in new places

Science in new places

Agencies such as Kinetica can match candidates with vacancies from all over the world. So if you have been hankering to see far flung destinations, there's no reason why you couldn't combine your desire to travel with a new career...

4) A special talent

Science visualised

Most people who see this picture will see a colourful splodge of colours, and won't be able to discern the synapses and neurons it represents. If you have the knowledge to be able to see the picture for what it really is, why not move into a career where you can share that expertise with others?

5) Science is never boring...!

It's never boring

Science never stops evolving and the cutting edge technology in the industry means there's always a new toy to enjoy. This workshop was a huge hit where participants learnt how to diffract light, create waves and fingerprint atoms.

6) Saving the world

Saving the world with science

Most people dream of saving the world but a job in science really does achieve this, little by little. Conservation relies on scientists coming up with new ways to preserve the planet and protect the endangered species whose habitats are being rapidly eroded. One of the predicted in-demand jobs for the future is Assisted Migration Scientist, where animals are helped to locate to a new area in order to try and improve their chances of survival.

7) Laboratory magic

The magic of laboratories

It's difficult to forget the thrill of chemistry lessons at school; the chance to combine liquids to create new 'potions' and exciting effects. Working in a laboratory provides the opportunity to prolong the sense of exploration and excitement, but this time you get paid for the privilege too!

8) Cutting edge technology

Cutting edge forensics

This forensic scientist is carrying out a special investigation which allows him to 'lift' a shoe print from a smooth surface, using a dark gelatine substance. This is just one of the amazing techniques forensic scientists use on a range of samples including blood, saliva and fingerprints.

9) Catching the rainbow

Crystal rainbows

Using cutting edge technology, scientists are able to work with the tiniest of crystals and components to create innovative tools such as those relating to the nuclear fuel cycle. Working with the tiniest of fragments and slivers of materials, scientists step into the unknown to make new discoveries every day.

10) Into the unknown

Go on a voyage of Discovery with Kinetica

Science is a constant voyage of discovery, whether dealing with conservation, examination of particles, or even space travel. Changing your career can feel like a step into the unknown, but with a specialist recruitment agency such as Kinetica you can be sure that you will have all the support you need to make the leap.


Image sources: BC Gov Photos, chrisjohnbeckett, IOE London; jurvetson, chadrunge, IOE London; declanfleming; West Midlands Police, PNNL - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, NASA Goddard Photo and Video


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