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Scientific jobs of the future

Science has travelled a long way already but the path ahead looks even more exciting, with innovations and developments in technology heralding a great future.

The field of science is renowned for being cutting edge but have you ever stopped to wonder what the jobs of the future could be?

Here's a glimpse at some of the scientific jobs tipped to be at the fore in years to come.

Animal migration engineer

The extinction of animals and the conservation of endangered species has been a fundamental aim for many conservation groups for decades.

This is expected to continue to be an issue, but a different solution is being touted as providing the answer.

Rather than losing the battle by leaving animals in their current habitat, moving them to a new home could save countless species.

Scientific jobs of the future like these will be available soon.

The task of doing this is almost overwhelming; choosing what animals to put where, without disrupting delicate ecosystems is a very complex decision.

This job has already started, with some species such as butterflies undergoing 'assisted migration'. But with habitats being destroyed faster than animals can evolve, scientific engineering jobs of the future could be much in demand in this area.


An idea that firstly sounds so ridiculous is already almost a reality, and with the help of talented neuroscience and computer science specialists, experts believe it will soon become irrefutably possible.

MRI scanning type technology can already act as a lie detector, and also roughly sketch out what people are currently thinking. Delving into their dreams and memories could be next but lots of work is still needed to develop the technology down this route.

Very recently, lawyers in the US requested to submit mind-reading technology from an MRI scanner. The request was later withdrawn due to concerns over the validity of supporting scientific evidence.

The world isn't quite yet able to mind-read...but it's not far away.

Fusion reactor management

This one is very much a hypothetical career at the moment, as until France starts its ITER in 2019; no-one will know whether the reality of creating net power by fusing nuclei is a real possibility.

If the large-scale thermonuclear reactor works as hoped, fusion plants could be used to provide power on a wide scale.

Just like the nuclear industry before it, fusion power will represent a gigantic step in energy provision, and new careers will be created to understand, manage and monitor the source.

Vertical farming

Although the title conjures up images of cows stacked ten high, the concept of vertical farming is no joke.

With suitable surface on the planet rapidly running out, and a population continuing to explode, scientists are investigating new ways in which to farm.

Vertical farming refers to the practice of using the space above the ground, rather than merely spreading out horizontally. It allows more crops to be grown within a much tighter space, delivering a maximum return for minimum square inches.

Think you could do one of these jobs?

Not all crops are suitable for this; much depends on their weight. At present although it's possible, getting the necessary light for photosynthesis is a challenge. Experts predict technology in this area to continue to grow, as the idea of vertical farming provides a far more realistic solution for those in urban and city areas.


Although this job is one which exists now, experts believe the demand for statisticians is ready to explode.

In the US alone, the Bureau of Labor predicts that there will be a 20% hike in the number of statistician jobs by 2018.

As the amount of data available continues to swell and grow, the need for analysts to be able to use the figures and numbers to create meaningful predictions is rocketing too. And once technology such as facial recognition billboards becomes mainstream, being a statistician will be a very valuable commodity.

Image credits: Dalbera and RCB

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