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Researching & Preparing for Interviews

Research is key to a successful interview. You must find out all you can about the company, products, market, the role and the interview.

Key points to consider:


  • Look on the website
  • Understand their history
  • Learn their corporate message


  • Understand the product range
  • Find out who the competitors are
  • Understand why the product is successful/unsuccessful


  • Who is the key demographic the product is aimed at?
  • Who will be the end users?
  • What experience/existing relationships could be used? i.e. Clinical
  • How is the product received in the market?
  • Is there any upcoming legislation that will affect product performance?

The Role

  • Gain an understanding of the job
  • Understand the main responsibilities involved
  • Read and re-read the job specification
  • Find out specific examples of duties and how your experience relates

The Interview

If you are required to do a presentation at the interview make sure you have invested some quality time in its preparation. Make sure you are aware of your audience, i.e. if your presentation is technical based an HR person may not have the understanding of a Sales Director. Double check that the company will provide any necessary equipment. Don't waffle!

Fail to Prepare? Prepare to Fail

An Interview can be extremely stressful, in order to make it less so we have outlined a few key points that will help you on the day.

If you are looking for a position in the Scientific or Medical / Healthcare sectors then send us your CV.

For more in-depth advice on success at interviews, please give us a call on +44 (0) 113 2617181.

  • Always dress smartly and try to wear a suit, shirt and tie if necessary and possible.
  • Make sure your hair is tidy and that any piercings/body art is either removed or covered up.
  • Be early, not late. This will give you extra time to prepare and read through your notes.
  • Turn your mobile phone off and don't be chewing gum.
  • Be polite and confident with everyone you meet. You never know if the person sitting at reception could be the person interviewing you.
  • Take with you a spare copy/copies of your CV
  • Answer questions that you know the answer to confidently. Don't try and guess the answer, or even worse make something up. This will show a lack of knowledge and experience.
  • Don't interrupt and listen carefully to what the interviewer is saying and then respond accordingly.
  • Try and use your nerves to your advantage. A small amount of nerves can show to the interviewer that you want the job.
  • Remember an interview is just as much a chance for you to find out if the company and job is right for you as it is for the company to ascertain if you are the perfect person for the them.
  • Always thank the interviewer for their time and make sure they are aware of your enthusiasm for the role. Ask them if they would have any reason not to bring you back for a second interview, you must utilise this opportunity to overcome any potential objections.

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