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Tips/ideas on how to find the best scientific vacancies online

Although your skills, knowledge and experience play a major part in securing a position in the science, medical and healthcare industries, knowing where to look and what to do can also be a very significant factor.

Finding the best scientific vacancies online is a skill in itself and if you haven't been searching for a position for very long, or haven't been successful in locating what you want, you might not be employing the right strategies.

We've put together a few tips and ideas on how to find the best scientific vacancies online, for both new graduates and more experienced candidates too.

Don't rely on mainstream job sites

There are a number of well-known recruitment job boards online and it's tempting to simply just search on there if you're looking for work in the world of science.

You might be lucky and find some scientific positions available, but they are unlikely to be the best that the market has to offer, and the opportunities will also be few and far between.

Specialist sectors such as science don't tend to advertise on mainstream job boards simply because the vast majority of the audience won't have the necessary skills or qualifications which are needed. Therefore, if you want to find technical vacancies, you will be more successful if you use sites specifically designed for the scientific community.

Looking on specific sites is important for science jobs.

Use Scientific Recruitment agencies

It's easy to dismiss agencies and set out to find vacancies yourself, but particularly in niche markets such as science, specialist recruitment firms often have the best jobs available.

When recruiting, companies don't want to have to sift through reams of CVs which aren't up to scratch or waste their time interviewing a candidate who isn't suitable for the job. Agencies help to reduce the workload on companies by carry out pre-vetting checks, and only putting forward quality candidates.

This means that some vacancies are only advertised with agencies rather than placed into the public domain so if you aren't registered, you will miss out.

The other way recruitment agencies can help you get ahead of the field is by making speculative calls to employers they know might be suitable. This can be a great way of being the first to find out about vacancies which are due to arise.

Use social media sites

You may well be used to posting on social media sites for personal communication, but they are an increasingly popular way of not just finding out about new jobs but boosting your own profile too.

Twitter is a fast-moving social media forum and more and more companies are choosing this route to reach a wider audience. Signing up to follow both scientific employers as well as specialist recruitment agencies could mean you find the hottest jobs first.

But in technical fields such as science, it's not always about finding the employer. There are occasions when an employer or recruitment agency proactively seeks out candidates they want to hire.

Using social media is important.

As part of an overall strategy, it's therefore important to create a professional profile which can be easily found. Sites such as LinkedIn are perfect for this as they are aren't primarily used for social purposes.

Consider temporary work

If you aren't in permanent employment at the moment, it could be worthwhile also considering longer term temporary contracts as well.

Although you may be deterred by the thought of chopping and changing jobs, starting as a temp is an excellent way to establish a good reputation with a company. Many candidates find that it's an excellent way to being taken on permanently, either in the same role they started in, or in another position with the same employer.

Image credits: NASA Goddard Space Flight center and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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