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How can they benefit you?

The Value External Candidates Bring to Scientific Vacancies

When it comes to the most elite jobs in the scientific industry, there's no denying that already working for the company can offer a huge advantage.

Being known to the employer, and having had the chance to demonstrate your skills and strengths, as well as building up a personal relationship, can really give you an edge when competing against external candidates.

However, the recruitment process is not as straightforward as some might think and external candidates offer a great deal of value to employers, making them a more attractive proposition in some cases.

A different approach

No matter how much a company attempts to embrace change and diversity, it's easy to fall into the trap of doing things in the same way all of the time.

An internal candidate may be too heavily entwined in the way a company works whilst an outsider can bring fresh new ideas and may view things with less unconscious bias.

External candidates can bring a lot to science

This can be particularly the case if an internal candidate has been with the company a long period of time, or hasn't worked with many previous employers.

An external candidate can bring experience of working differently, which is a great way of helping to keep a company fresh, dynamic and competitive.

Cutting edge technology

Whilst any company which operates within the world of science embraces the use of cutting edge technology, there's not always the funding or opportunities to experience this in-house.

Candidates who are promoted from within may have had more limited experience than those who arrive from an external source.

External candidates may have worked with different technologies, particularly if they arrive from a related but not identical industry; this can provide useful knowledge and expertise which can be transferred and applied, creating new ideas and methods of working.

This is particularly valuable when the external working environment has changed but the methodology within the company has not kept up, or has not yet been exposed to the latest technology. External candidates can provide the missing link.


Within science, just like any other industry, having a good network of contacts can be incredibly helpful.

Whether it's sourcing new products or linking up with new partners, contacts both in and outside the industry can be very valuable.

An internal candidate may not have any new contacts to bring to the role but an external candidate may have networked in different circles, or worked alongside other individuals which means they can bring something extra to your company. Having a ready-made route of entry, or an established relationship, can be a very valuable asset to be able to tap into.

No prejudices

Depending on the role which is being filled, there may be difficult decisions to make. This might mean splitting up a department to work with different colleagues or adopting new methods of working and scrapping much-loved processes or procedures.

An internal candidate might find this difficult to do, or conversely, might have ulterior motives to want to do so! This might mean that the decision is either delayed or the outcome isn't the best for all concerned.

Why not apply for a job in Science?

An external candidate won't have any existing prejudices, or close working relationships with anyone in the business. This means they can be much sharper, and are able to focus on the facts without being compromised by any pre-existing sentiments.

The competition is sometimes better...

This may not be the most popular fact, but by promoting an internal candidate you are selecting from the best of what you have available.

Whilst this individual may be efficient and competent, the fact remains that your competitor may have more knowledgeable and experienced staff.

It's therefore prudent not to simply settle for the best option you have within, but to consider whether your company could benefit from recruiting externally to make sure you really do get the best person for the job.

Image credits: JD Hancock and gemmerich

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